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Game with thousands of recent questions from the main Public Tender Boards Download Acertei: Questões de Concursos Pro in Apps Education

Have you ever wondered how much progress you have made studying and solving questions for public examinations. How long to be nominated? The study for competitions is a Project whose beginning seems very clear, but at certain moments it is not known if it is in the middle or near the end. The App/Game Acertei tries to help you in different ways to get situated in this Project.

- In what way?

1. We present the 10 main disciplines present in the biggest public competitions in Brazil with ALL the questions from the last five years of the biggest newsstands (from 2016 on);

2. All questions are grouped by subject and by difficulty level. Your progress is VISIBLE when advancing the stage, being able to mark the questions with greater difficulty;

3. In phase 1 (initial) the questions are simpler, with higher rates of correct answers, and the difficulty increases as the rounds are completed;

4. We won't let you finish a round on an issue until you get all the questions right. Like this?! The issues you get wrong will keep chasing you until you get it right. Attention: We do a very careful job to avoid duplicate questions. When you find again a question that you have already answered, it will be due to an incorrect answer on the first attempt;

5. Visually the App/Game gives you a sense of progress with the completion of rounds and stages and it gives you a feeling that the study is advancing;

6. The most demanded subjects will be repeated throughout the phases, both for their importance (and weight) and for the purpose of constant review in the study cycle;

- Right. But how do I know if I'm doing well compared to my competitors? Will I be ranked high in my next contest?

7. Here we present something new on the contest questions apps and sites. Online disputes (in real time) with contestants who are using the app. These challenges are grouped by areas (fiscal, courts, police, and others) and as the challenge progresses you can track your ranking in relation to other contestants. The score is associated with the difficulty of the question and the time it takes you to answer it.

8. At the end of the challenge, the first classified receive as prizes the release of high quality Mind Maps;

9. We have a database with more than 100,000 recent questions so that each challenge is unprecedented. The questions are randomly selected according to the challenge area and the quantity per discipline will follow the history of the last competitions. When you finish the challenge, you keep it saved for your review and analysis;

10. Comment on the questions (with quality). If your comment is well rated (liked) you will have in-app rewards through diamonds (in the game) that allow you to release later stages;

Yes, in addition to everything we've talked about, the App/Game Acertei has mind games that allow you to increase your logical thinking ability and improve your concentration in studies. By advancing in solving the issues, new Games are released.

You can even create notebooks and group the questions or subjects that you think are most important to achieve your goal (the nomination).

- Right. But all this must be expensive, no?

No. The app is completely free and we don't intend to change that. We will try not to show advertisements so that they do not interfere with your studies or take you out of focus, but sometimes it will be necessary for us to make the hardware and software infrastructures viable. You can also help us by purchasing (paid) diamonds that allow you to advance through levels faster and free you up for new challenges.

How can download Acertei: Questões de Concursos Pro

You Can Download Acertei: Questões de Concursos Pro from this links :

android Download APK v3.1.81 Original adb Download APK v3.1.81 MOD shop Get on Google Play update Versions valiables

What is new in version 3.1.81

Versão 2023 (3.1) com diversas novidades, entre as quais:

1) Integração com o ChatGPT, ferramenta de Inteligência Artificial da Open AI mais famosa do mundo. Essa IA gera nossos resumos e faz comentário das questões;
2) Criamos o modo Concurso. É possível estudar focado no seu objetivo;
3) Adicionamos mais 100 mil questões. São todas de 2022 das principais bancas e mais de 30 disciplinas;
4) Mais 10 mil comentários adicionados;
5) Agora com Assinatura do App;
6) Melhorias e Correções de bugs;