WordBit 英语 (自动学习) -简体 pro

WordBit 英语 (自动学习) -简体 pro

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Unconsciously we can increase the number of words Little habits = "huge development As a habit, automatic learning English! Download WordBit 英语 (自动学习) -简体 pro in Apps Education

⭐Very practical, you can increase your vocabulary without knowing it
Accumulate vocabulary bit by bit, and gather sand into a tower

How many times do you turn on your phone every day?
The average person opens 102 times and unlocks 50 times a day.
If you can learn an English word every unlocked moment, can you learn more than 3000 words in a month?
'WordBit English is a mobile application that can learn English even when the screen is locked.
Add more value to the lock screen!

In addition, all content is free!


■ The basis of learning a language is memorizing words, and the basis of memorizing words is repeated learning. Only by frequent contact can you remember it thoroughly.
With continuous review with the help of Wordbit, you will be able to easily remember new words and improve your English.

■■ Features of WordBit ■■

●1. Rich and diverse content
The standard vocabulary classification of A1~C1,
Special vocabulary for high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, college English level four and six, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, SAT, GMAT, GRE, BEC, etc.
It also includes common conversations such as love conversations, daily life conversations, business conversations, job hunting conversations, etc.

Provide more than 10,000 words and conversation content for free.

●2. Diverse learning modes
Learning mode, occlusion mode, and test mode provide a variety of interesting learning methods.

●3. Pronunciation function
Can listen to the correct pronunciation and learn

●4. Other functions
-Review function
-Automatically listen to pronunciation
-Share favorite words and sentences
-9 beautiful theme colors

●5. Features that can be personalized
① Favorites function
② Delete the function of familiar words (a function to make completely recognized words no longer appear in the application)
③ Automatically synchronize the wrong answer record (words answered incorrectly in the test mode will be automatically added to the wrong answer record)


■■ Content provided ■■

● Words (by stage)
A1 (Elementary 1) [502]
A2 (Beginner 2)[1,040pcs]
B1 (Intermediate 1)[1,824 pcs]
B2 (Intermediate 2)[1,987pcs]
C1 (Advanced)[1,357pcs]
C2 (Advanced)[1,763pcs]

●Words (for students)
Senior high school entrance examination (junior high school) [1,819]
College Entrance Examination (High School) [3,551]
CET Level 4 [4,198pcs]
CET Level 6 [1,457pcs]

● Words (for exams)
TOEFL [3,462 pcs]
IELTS [4,177 pcs]
TOEIC [2,286 pcs]
SAT [3,003 pcs]
GRE [3,768 pcs]
GMAT [2,009 pcs]
BEC Junior [757pcs]
BEC Intermediate[614]
BEC Advanced[1,637pcs]

● Conversation (commonly used)
Daily conversation [1,645]
Easy and pleasant conversation [761pcs]
Express feelings [424]
Common sentences [985]
Social communication [193]
Slang [386个]
Love conversation [233]

● Conversation (Travel)
Shopping session [242]
Travel conversations [779 pcs]

● Conversation (motto)
Proverbs [592 pcs]
Celebrity quotes [2,095pcs]

■ Conversation (practical)
Business conversation [500]
Job search [199]
Academic papers [229pcs]
Immigration [289]

[Function description]
(1) When the downloaded software is started, the automatic learning mode will run automatically in the future.
-This app is a software that automatically learns English. So every time you turn on your phone, the app will automatically start, allowing you to automatically learn English every time you turn on your phone.
(2) If you want to stop the automatic learning function according to your own situation, you can enter the "Settings" in the software to suspend this function.
(3) In the OS of some mobile phone models (Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, etc.), the app may be automatically interrupted. This situation can be resolved by entering the phone settings (for example: power saving, power management, optimized settings, etc.). If you have any other questions during use, please feel free to contact us. ( contact@ link Link is Here

※ If you download this app for the first time, the original setting of pronunciation function (TTS) is pronunciation (network).
But we would highly recommend that you set the pronunciation function to pronunciation (synthesis).
After changing to pronunciation (synthesis), the pronunciation can be heard quickly and clearly.

In addition, setting to the pronunciation (synthesis) mode does not need to spend data!

* for Chinese(Simplified) users

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