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Identify flowers, plants, disease and set reminders for watering Download PlantCam: Plant Identifier Pro in Apps Education

Need help identifying a plant? There's an app for that! With the PlantCam identifier app, you can quickly and easily identify plants, flowers, and weeds. Plus, you'll get tips on plant care and disease diagnosis. The app even has a light meter to help you find the perfect spot for your plants. Best of all, the app's database of 100,000+ plants is constantly growing.

Plant identification:
PlantCam is easy to use. Take a photo or type in information about the plant in question, and PlantCam will provide you with accurate identification. Its 98% accuracy rate helps you to quickly identify flowers, trees and shrubs, common weeds, cacti and succulents, ferns and conifers, and many more - even if all you have to do is taking a photo of them!

Care tips:
Keeping healthy plants doesn't have to be a painstaking ordeal. With the right help, you can quickly learn all about the dozens of different species in your garden and keep them well-watered and cared for.
Care info such as sunlight preference, ideal soil type, and watering frequency are also provided.

Personal Reminders:
As if that wasn't enough, this handy tool even sets smart reminders when it's time to tend to your precious green friends. Ultimately, with this app by your side, you can ensure every plant in your garden lives its best life—and with minimal effort!

Plant Disease Diagnosis:
Keeping plants healthy is a tough job! Luckily, PlantCam uses AI to diagnose common pests and diseases, making it easy for even novice gardeners to understand what might be going wrong in their gardens.

Light Meter:
The light meter helps users take accurate readings of their environment to ensure their plants get exactly the amount of light they need to thrive.

Advanced plants search:
While picking the perfect flower or tree can be difficult, there's no need to worry as your search ends with the database. It contains a catalog of over 1 million species of plants, sourced from around the world and carefully selected for various environments. With such a vast selection, you're guaranteed to find something that's suitable for your space, whether you're looking for an indoor succulent or an outdoor fern.

This app is the perfect way to identify plants so that you can learn more about them. Whether you're a beginner gardener or a seasoned pro, PlantCam will help you become an expert on the plants in your area. So download today and start exploring the wonderful world of plants!

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