Optima Poker Trainer apk mod

Optima Poker Trainer apk mod

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Learn Game Theory Optimal AND Exploitative Texas Hold'em poker strategy! Download Optima Poker Trainer apk mod in Games Card

Take your Texas Hold'em poker skills to the next level with the Optima Poker Trainer Version 2.0 FREE MOBILE APP & INTEGRATED BOOK! We have combined "Game Theory Optimal" (GTO) poker strategy & "Exploitative" poker strategy with a proprietary 12-step algorithm. This revolutionary algorithm can determine and explain the most optimal decisions from ANY possible hand of poker, and against ANY unique opponent. The FREE MOBILE APP provides an opportunity to learn the Game Theory Optimal Exploitative strategy while enjoying the rush of PLAYING REAL POKER! For a limited time only, Optima Poker Trainer is available with NO IN-APP PURCHASES REQUIRED, NO ADVERTISEMENTS, AND NO USER DATA COLLECTED!

We’re talking about playing genuine multiplayer poker with TRILLIONS of possible hands to learn from, not just limited predetermined scenarios like all those other GTO poker training apps that charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The Optima Poker Trainer free mobile app includes the following customizable game features:

1. Number of Opponents: Choose from 1 to 9 Opponents
2. Opponent Types: Choose from Loose, Very Loose, Tight, Very Tight, GTO, GTOX, or Unknown Opponent Types
3. Starting Chip Stack Sizes: Choose from Short (25 Big Blinds), Medium (50 Big Blinds), or Deep (100 Big Blinds) Stack Sizes
4. Additional features including Tournament Mode, Rakes, Antes, Pot Limit Omaha, Short Deck and Limit Hold’em are all coming soon. As well as various additional updates and GTO adjustments. So make sure to keep your mobile app updated!

The currently released 100% FREE Version 2.0 is "Pre & Flop Only," meaning you can play all hands only until the end of the Flop round of betting (Turn and River betting is coming soon). In Tournament Mode (also coming soon), you will be able to play a complete 1 table “Sit & Go” tournament against 9 "Unknown" opponents. Each opponent’s type will be revealed after they lose all their chips, or after you do. Starting chip stack sizes will be 100 Big Blinds each, with the blinds doubling every 30 hands. Each tournament will normally last about 10 - 60 minutes, depending on how fast you play and how long you last. As an added bonus, if you get knocked out of the tournament, you will be able to continue watching the computerized opponents play all hands with all cards turned face up until there is a winner.

Check out our VIDEO DEMO now and make sure to keep your mobile app updated for Tournament Mode coming soon! For a more complete and interactive learning experience of the Game Theory Optimal Exploitative strategy, you can now download the integrated E-book titled "Optima Poker Trainer" via Amazon Kindle. Paperback book orders and more info are available at link Link is Here .

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