VR Jurrasic Roller Coaster apk mod

VR Jurrasic Roller Coaster apk mod

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Enjoy the terrifying sights of real dinosaurs with the thrill of Roller Coaster Download VR Jurrasic Roller Coaster apk mod in Games Simulation

Have you ever wanted to meet prehistoric dinosaurs in real life? Now you can be closer than ever!Explore the whole park, meet big herbivore sauropod dinos like Brachiosaurus and Stegosaurus. VR horror is like a movie story.

Enjoy Jurassic period and the age of dinosaurs in our VR Jurassic Roller Coaster ride with tons of animated dinos. Our VR Dino Zoo contains a lot of different animated models like Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, Raptors: Velociraptors, T-Rex: Tyrannosaurus Rex and others. All models have unique realistic sounds and animations.

Take a thrilling deadly ride through the mountains, and go through the various areas where dinosaurs roam about freely in this virtual world of Jurassics.

You can go at blistering speeds & enjoy the experience of a Real Roller Coaster VR over the hilly park.

Embrace yourself for an interesting and thrilling amusement rollercoaster simulation ride in a big dinosaur infested environment park.
Choose your favorite cart from the in-game store and customize your experience. Each cart has its own design and view model to give you a different experience every time you want a ride!

Guarantee of ultimate 360 experience. Check this:
- VR Roller Coaster
- VR Tunnel
- VR Cave
- Dino Theme Park looks like a Jurassic museum. Meet Tyrannosaurus (T Rex) in simulator and others creatures
- Movie explains that vr horror happened on Island

The Jurassic Dinosaur Rollercoaster VR tracks are full of extreme climbing sections, extremely fast drops, sky-scraping peaks and gut-wrenching curves. Experience just how nasty gravity can get! The amusement ride will take you into the land of the dinosaurs where they roam. Your ears will experience real dinosaur growls first hand!

Movement is simple, just look in the direction you want to move and you will automatically walk that way. You have complete 360 degrees of vision and you are free to explore this space. Give it a try, it is your call!
The dinos will not assault you which is only good for your survival:), you are free to run around the park at your own leisure. This is not your ordinary roller coaster ride, but more like walking in the park…. Literally!

- Plenty of dinosaurs present on the Rollercoaster track itself.
- Rollercoaster is now extremely fast and exciting.
- Crisp and Cinema like HD visuals
- A brand new Rollercoaster track with loops and dives now added.
- The retuned physics engine of the game will create the most thrilling deadly rides of your life.
- Intuitive and immediately accessible game
- Enjoy its stunning features.
- Realistic mobile friendly graphics
- Play it anywhere, anytime
- Realistic physics
- Dynamic sound effects of real dinosaurs to keep the you entertained.
- Achievements by exploring jungle
- Ancient museum in all kind of creature sauropods Brachiosaurus and therapods

Experience the real life sensation of Real Dinosaur Rollercoaster in VR by wearing virtual reality glasses.

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