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Monaya is the largest free marriage site and application, and is the best way to search for a husband and wife Download monayaa مونايا Pro in Apps Social

Please read the content carefully and understand well.
The application gives you 50 free messages per day that is automatically renewed every 24 hours. Try to use it well and do not email everyone who is in the application. Read the files and see the specifications well before sending any subscriber
At first, we hope that whoever uses the application is really looking for marriage, there is strict control and any account will be suspended
** Accounts are manually reviewed before approval, the account must be complete and no VPN user account or pseudonym is accepted.
** It is not allowed to request any external means of communication in any way or form
** After the serious acquaintance between the two parties, the polytheist and the partner must communicate with the administration and inform it that there is seriousness and we want to move to the next stage.
** The subscriber, when she wishes to have a subscriber communicating outside the site, must provide us with the following data
Full name: ----- Guardian's name and number ------- Address --- -------
Then the administration of the application contacts the guardian to verify that it is not the subscriber’s number, and then provide the number to the subscriber who desires a legitimate vision or engagement, otherwise it is not allowed
** This application is not a site for chatting and dating and obtaining the numbers of young men or girls, this is only to facilitate the process of finding a partner or life partner for legitimate and Islamic marriage.
** Requests for customary marriages and misyar marriages are completely rejected under any name, and any account that requests it is suspended
** Requests for friendship, play and entertainment are rejected, and the accounts that aim to do so are suspended.
** It is forbidden to send requests to talk via WhatsApp, Imo, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and any external communication site
** Recordings of matchmakers on the site and applications are prohibited
** Money requests or sensitive personal data such as credit card number, account number, mail password, etc. are prohibited, which may expose the user to extortion, and the accounts that request this and the accounts that respond to that are suspended
Not serious or aiming to entertain and play, fear God in your thoughts.

The only condition to ensure your use of the application is to abide by the terms and agreement of use of the Monaya Marriage site
The application prohibits sending or requesting communication outside the site in any way, and the violating accounts will be suspended immediately
Monaya marriage site is the largest free Islamic marriage site, and is considered the best way to search for a husband or search for a wife, and the free Islamic marriage site Monaya helps thousands of researchers to find the right life partner to reach their goal through the largest database, where the Monaya marriage site contains a database Data containing more than 3 million members from all over the Arab world who are looking for marriage
The idea of ​​making Monaya website as a free marriage site
Due to the busyness of young men and girls and the large number of working hours, which led to the difficulty of forming direct social relations with others, the Monaya website for free marriage has replaced the work of the matchmaker that was widespread in the last century.
- Due to the great technological progress, marriage via the Internet has become a natural image of the progress of traditional methods of marriage
Save time and effort in searching for the right life partner, by providing a marriage site through which you can
Searching for the right husband or searching for the right wife.
Features of Monaya Free Marriage Site
- The ability to learn about personal specifications, marital status, country, and other information for the life partner through the free marriage site Monaya
- You can find out the people who are present at the same moment on the Monaya marriage website, and write to them to find out the extent to which each of the parties accepts the other through the page looking for marriage now.
Knowing what type of person you are looking for is required, an ordinary marriage, a misyar marriage, a polygamous marriage
-You can find out who visited your personal page, and find out who liked your profile, to narrow the distances by searching for those who are looking for you
- Prevent those you do not want from sending you personal messages, or even accessing your account on the site
Register now and start searching for marriage

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