Astroloji Burç Yorumları pro

Astroloji Burç Yorumları pro

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Discover yourself with astrology. natal chart. Daily and weekly horoscopes Download Astroloji Burç Yorumları pro in Apps Lifestyle

In this application, you can access very comprehensive information about astrology, you can learn today's sky time quality.

You can read your weekly horoscope by notification.

With your birth chart, you can discover yourself and take your actions and precautions by seeing your character, opportunities and dangers related to your relationship, finance, marriage, business life and social environment.

You can learn more detailed natal chart analysis and your transit and progress effects for the coming months and years.

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natal chart

A natal chart is a picture of the sky at the time a person was born. The picture of the sky at the moment of one's birth is the schematic of the plan of destiny.

South node loses, North node always wins.

The natal chart is the tomography of the soul.

A natal chart is a mathematical analysis method, never a fortune telling.

Birth chart analysis is destiny expansion. It is only done to those who are ready to learn it.

Astrology is a technique of developing and transforming personality.

Astrology is a science that analyzes why a person was born.

The map is a whole, and questions cannot be answered until it has been thoroughly studied.

Astrology aims to awaken dormant micro consciousness and transform into macro society.

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