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Imposter from Red Planet is already on the spaceship! Hide and try to survive! Download Imposter from Red Planet. APK MOD in Games Role Playing

Imposters hit sabotage and hijacked the spaceship, so a part of a crew found themselves in outer space. The spaceflight cannot be continued. Only the cosmos is surrounding you. You urgently need to change the course to Earth. But to do so, you must hide your presence from imposters. Only by remaining unnoticeable will you be able to survive. Yeah, you will have to play hide-and-seek with impostors in order to rescue the survivor crew and fix the damaged spaceship. So, your goal is to become a smasher of impostors and save your crewmates from this nightmare.

In this craft game Imposter from Red Planet, you are tasked to hide your presence until you find out a way to kill off every imposter. Go to the control block to assess the spaceship’s state. The survived captain told you that the damages are critical and it is impossible to continue the journey to Earth without doing repairs. He also said that there are a black imposter and a red imposter on board. Perhaps, there are more than two imposters on the spaceship, and who knows what their spacesuits hide… It is only known that impostors appeared after the departure from Mars. Probably, the impostors are from the Red Planet.

The craft game Imposter from Red Planet takes place on a giant spaceship. Its size is so huge that you can easily get lost inside it, as surely as you can fall into secret traps prepared by cunning imposters. The Black Impostor prefers to hide in dark places where he sets traps all around. The Red Imposter is patrolling the territory of the command block as he wants to capture it. There is no information about other imposters, so it is in your best interests to use a map to navigate around the spaceship without being noticed.

Still, there is an easier way to return to Earth – with the help of a small spacecraft. But it only can accommodate one person. If you decide to use the spacecraft to fly to Earth, the rest crew will be doomed. So, it is better to find a way to do away with every impostor and continue the spaceflight with your crewmates.


The Space Academy graduate won a professional skills competition, so the Academy rewarded him with a trip to the Red Planet together with an experienced crew. The purpose of the Mars expedition was to collect planetary samples for further study. The spaceflight was proceeding according to plan, and the crew was already making its way back to Earth when one of the engines suddenly burst. At that moment, the Space Academy graduate did not even know that he would have to become an impostor smasher in order to save the crew and the spaceship.

Game Features

Imposter from Red Planet is a craft game with horror elements. In this horror game, each imposter has his own type of weapon. The cubic design that is inherent in this creation will appeal to many fans of craft games. Your primary goal is to find a way to make it to Earth. The outcome will entirely depend on the player’s actions. The game features several ending scenarios. The impostor is not anyhow different from an ordinary spaceman, so you must always stay watchful as the danger may be lurking just around the corner.

Put the spacesuit on and begin the mission of the impostor smasher!

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