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Help this little fly to flap his wings to save the balloon from the spiked wire! Download Balloon FRVR - Tap to Flap and APK MOD in Games Action

Balloon FRVR is a fun-addicting reaction-test game in which you control a balloon held by a clumsy fly. Help this flying insect to carry the balloon circle along the barbed wire path and avoiding the spikes. The farther you get without popping the flappy balloon, the higher your score. Tap the screen to flap the wings in the right moment so the balloon won’t touch the barbed wire, else it will explode in your face!

Balloon FRVR is a challenging and nerve-wracking simple arcade game where you take control of a flying insect (a bee or a fly… not really sure) carrying a floppy balloon looped around a long and endless barbed wire. You must time your tiny wing flaps and jump by tapping the screen so that the balloon will not touch the spikes as you go.

This little fly is trying to get his balloon home in one piece. Unfortunately, it’s wrapped around what could be an endless string of spiked line! Tap the screen to make the dumb bug to flap his wings. The more you click, the more the fly jump and the more points you score! But be careful, if you don’t tap in the right moment you can lose control and blast the flabby balloon. Can you help him protect his balloon in this one button game?

Balloon FRVR brings you a casual experience that blends two game genres: the engaging experience of an original arcade game which makes you tap and click the screen to make the fly jumps, and to see how the floppy balloon bounce around the spiky wire. And a classic casual buzz wire game where your reflexes and skills are the keys to success. Controls are also an amazing feature of this flipping game, you only need one finger to tap the screen and control the fly of this flying cute friend.

A clamsy fly is holding up a balloon circle, but there is a buzz wire running through it! Don't make the fly sad by popping the balloon; make the fly flap its wings to keep going. The spiked wire's line is going to change as you progress, so you need to focus and be skilled to avoid the spikes. Collect animal balloons to unlock new colors for your balloon.

Balloon FRVR is a funny and addictive reaction test game. All you have to do is get as far as possible without popping the balloon with that annoying spiked wire. Play as cute little insect trying to carry a flabby balloon looped around a barbed wire and collect balloon pieces as you go. Tap to flap the little wings of the fly and avoid to touch the sharp wire in this skill game for all ages!

Playable in airplane mode, without data connection. No 4G or Wi-Fi required. It’s the perfect arcade one touch control game for a short period of reaction training on the bus, at school or in the office. Easy to play one-button game for all ages and all kind of tablets and phones. It runs smoothly both on high-grade smartphones and low-performing devices.

Balloon FRVR is a low storage game, you don’t need more than 33 mb to play! This avoiding game only focuses on giving you a truly fun experience in a low mb game for free. It’s an easy to play flapping game with incredibly addictive and simple controls, so both young and adults can have fun. Play online or offline, since you don’t need an internet connection to tap and flap the wings. And relax, you can play as much as you want, there’s no time limit!

Flip your wings and keep the floppy balloon away from the spiky wire and help this clumsy fly to jump in the right moment to save the circle from the sharp peak!

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