Embie: IVF, IUI Tracker pro

Embie: IVF, IUI Tracker pro

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Infertility / Fertility treatment tracker for IVF, IUI & Egg Freezing Download Embie: IVF, IUI Tracker pro in Apps Health & Fitness

Infertility is hard. Embie makes it a little easier.

Get organized and feel empowered throughout your fertility treatments with Embie; the only tracking app exclusively made for women going through IVF, IUI, Medicated and Egg Freezing cycles.

Whether you’re going through fertility treatments to conceive a child, preserving your fertility (egg freezing), or are one of the special women helping another family realize their dreams through egg donation or surrogacy, Embie has a place for you.

Going through infertility and fertility treatments is a unique and overwhelming journey. We believe that it should be met with a specific supported experience that allows you to stay organized, track your results and build community.

Embie helps you take control of your fertility treatment cycles by...
- Logging all of your IVF appointments and medications using Embie’s unique calendar that tracks all things related to your treatment in one easy place.
- Getting reminders for when it’s time to take your medication or drive out to your appointments.
- Tracking and graphing all of your cycles’ results like Labs, follicle counts, egg, embryo and transfer reports.

Embie helps you advocate and learn more about your treatments by…
- Seeing your treatment results graphed against previous treatment cycles, to see how you're responding to new protocols and medications.
- Creating a custom report that summarizes each of your previous cycles that you can download or print for your records.
- Accessing our resource center to guide you through different protocols and diagnosis.
- Entering your fertility history and medical diagnosis for easy access during Doctors appointments.

IVF is hard and our community features will help you get the support you need!
- Share your experiences with women who understand your journey.
- Get your treatment related questions answered during AMA sessions with REIs, Embryologists, Therapists and other fertility specialists.

All of Embie’s features are free and accessible to anyone going through infertility/fertility treatments including medicated cycles, IUI, IVF, Egg freezing, FET, Fresh Embryo Transfers, Surrogacy and donor conception with embryo donor, sperm donor, or egg donor.

You can now Track your natural cycles in Embie!

Once you start medically assisted treatments to get pregnant, keeping track of your period using traditional period trackers like Flo, Glow and Clue, can be very frustrating. Getting your period late because you’re taking progesterone, or early because you had an egg retrieval can mess up the algorithm of those traditional period trackers.

That’s why Embie is now helping you track your natural cycles in addition to your medicated cycles. Embie’s period and ovulation tracker will know when you’re in treatment and not include that cycle in your prediction algorithm.

Tracking our natural cycles is important so that we know when we can start the next treatment cycle, but we also know that getting “Fertile days” notifications can be triggering when you’re, well, infertile. With Embie, you can opt-out of “fertile days” notifications.

Embie’s natural cycle predictions include when to expect your next period and ovulation. We use a combination of your tracking from our symptoms section’s Period/Flow, OPK and BBT inputs to create our predictions. The more info you enter, the more precise it will be.

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How can download Embie: IVF, IUI Tracker pro

You Can Download Embie: IVF, IUI Tracker pro from this links :

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