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Steam Tables pro

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Steam Tables calculates water's thermodynamic properties based on IAPWS IF-97. Download Steam Tables pro in Apps Tools

Steam Tables is a professional app that calculates water's thermodynamic properties based on IAPWS IF-97 formulation.

Up to 34 properties can be calculated from the following inputs:

- Pressure* & Temperature
- Pressure* & Steam Quality
- Pressure* & Specific Volume
- Pressure* & Enthalpy
- Pressure* & Entropy
- Pressure* & Internal Energy
- Temperature & Steam Quality
- Temperature & Specific Volume
- Temperature & Enthalpy
- Temperature & Entropy
- Temperature & Internal Energy

* The pressure can be gauge or absolute.

The calculated properties are:

- Temperature
- Pressure
- Gauge pressure
- Specific volume
- Density
- Enthalpy
- Entropy
- Internal energy
- Heat capacity at constant pressure
- Heat capacity at constant volume
- Speed of sound
- Steam quality
- Compressibility factor
- Gibbs free energy
- Helmoltz free energy
- Joule-Thomson coefficient
- Isothermal Joule-Thomson coeff.
- Isentropic exponent
- Isobaric cubic expansion coefficient
- Isothermal compressibility coefficient
- Relative pressure coefficient
- Isothermal stress coefficient
- (∂v/∂T)p
- (∂v/∂p)T
- (∂p/∂T)v
- (∂p/∂v)T
- Dynamic viscosity
- Kinematic viscosity
- Thermal conductivity
- Thermal diffusivity
- Dielectric constant
- Surface tension
- Prandtl number
- Refractive index

You can calculate only the properties you want and the order in which they appear in the results table.

You can choose from a large number of conversion units.
It is possible to choose only the units with which you want to work.

How can download Steam Tables pro

You Can Download Steam Tables pro from this links :

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What is new in version 5.1.1

Version 5.1.1 is fully programmed in Kotlin language, it includes the following:

- New icons
- New display